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Michael Jordan

Air Jordan is an American brand of athletic basketball footwear produced by Nike and created by star Michael Jordan, known as the greatest basketball player of all time. Though many classic models have been retroed, such as the Jordan 1, Jordan 4 or the Jordan 5, MJ's brand also releases new designs annually.

Here's every sneakerhead's primer on the brand that started it all, and the best Jordan shoes ever made.

Air Jordan I

With time, the shoe slowly grew on him, and everyone else. Today, the Air Jordan 1 is nothing short of a design icon. The precursor to the most lauded line of sports shoes ever produced, its NBA-banned colours and simple styling remain favourite talking points among both mysneakers and design enthusiasts alike

The Air Jordan 1 is credited with kick-starting the craze of sneaker culture in the NBA and turned Nike — then a small company — into a global household name. The sneaker became so popular that Nike continues to release new Jordans to this day despite the player's final NBA game having taken place over 17 years ago.

  • Air Jordan XI
  • Air Jordan IV
  • Air Jordan I
  • Air Jordan III
  • Air Jordan V
  • Air Jordan VII

The Best Jordans Of All Time

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